For the first time in years, the entire Firewater catalog is available on CD.

Long out of print, FIREWATER's entire Jetset Records catalog will be available again through Bloodshot Records on June 19, 2012. Featuring the original artwork and recordings, these CDs will be available in limited quantities.

Any purchase of a catalog CD will include the free digital sampler card, featuring a track from each album as well as a sneak peak at the forthcoming new International Orange!

These releases come ahead of the first Firewater album in more than four years: International Orange! will be available on CD and LP via Bloodshot Records on September 11, 2012.

  • Get Off The Cross, We Need The Wood For The Fire (1996)
  • Psychopharmacology (2001)
  • The Man on The Burning Tightrope (2003)
  • Songs We Should Have Written (2004)

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The Firewater Catalog:

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  • Get Off The Cross, We Need The Wood For The Fire

    Firewater's seminal debut predated the current multicultural music explosion by a good decade. Later bands like Gogol Bordello and Beirut owe a heavy debt to Tod A and company's early mash-ups of punk and klezmer, Russian folk melodies and middle-eastern instrumentation. Features Duane Denison (Jesus Lizard), Jennifer Charles (Elysian Fields), Yuval Gabay (Soul Coughing, Asian Dub Foundation).

  • Psychopharmacology

    Probably Firewater’s most accessible outing, Psychopharmacology, finds Tod A exploring the humorous aspects of bipolarity, plane crashes, shooting sprees, drug addiction, suicide, insurance scams, and homelessness, among other American institutions. Features Tamir Muskat and Ori Kaplan (Balkan Beat Box), Oren Kaplan (Gogol Bordello), Jennifer Charles (Elysian Fields), and Paul Wallfisch (Botanica).

  • The Man on The Burning Tightrope

    A disintegrating romance re-imagined as a circus spinning slowly out of control, TMOTBT takes the listener to dizzying heights and dangerous depths. Production and drums by Tamir Muskat (Balkan Beat Box). Also featuring Ori Kaplan (Balkan Beat Box), Oren Kaplan and Yuri Lemeshev (Gogol Bordello), and Paul Wallfisch (Botanica).

  • Songs We Should Have Written

    Firewater deconstructs and reinvents eleven classic songs, breathing a sinister new life into such disparate hits as the Stones’ "Paint It Black" and Sonny & Cher’s "The Beat Goes On." Production and drums by Tamir Muskat (Balkan Beat Box). Also featuring Britta Phillips (Dean & Britta), Ori Kaplan (Balkan Beat Box) and Oren Kaplan (Gogol Bordello).

  • The Ponzi Scheme

    The Ponzi Scheme retains the dingy rust that is essentially the Firewater sound, but meanders closer to new wave than old world. At this point, the lineup of the band solidifies with Oren Kaplan (Gogol Bordello), Paul Wallfisch (Botanica) and drummer Tamir Muskat to the mix, adding authenticity to the gypsy-Israeli sound. (The two releases of The Ponzi Scheme have few sonic deviations, but "Green Light" is mono on the Jetset release (which, as it had for the first album, again released promo copies in a triangular sleeve) and stereo for Universal. —Trouser Press

  • The Golden Hour

    In 2005, Firewater's Tod A embarked on what would become a three year sabbatical through the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia. Recording with a single microphone and a laptop in his pack, he captured performances with a vast array of musicians across India and Pakistan--and eventually Turkey and Israel. Bhangra and sufi percussion would form the basis for the songs he wrote along the way--songs about the world he left behind ("This Is My Life", "Electric City"), politics ("Borneo", "Hey Clown"), and dislocation ("6:45", "Feels like the End of the World"). Tod's acerbic wit shines on The Golden Hour, elucidating both the beauty and the absurdity of the world.

Something in the water ...

  • "Melodic Eastern European-flavored gypsy rock, Indian and Middle Eastern percussion, hypnotic sarangi solos ... the album is a biting travelogue, the rantings of a surly castaway among the noble savages."

    New York Magazine

  • "A longtime world-punk favorite ... exuberant but profoundly seedy, hard-nosed, and sardonic ... once again perfectly balances the catchy and the cynical."

    Village Voice

  • "Vibrant and unpredictable."

    New York Times

  • "Tod’s music has always been two steps ahead of the curve. Even when that curve leads to Mideast battle zones. Firewater’s music has crossed more boundaries than an international superspy."

    San Francisco Weekly